The United Nations Security Council, the international body responsible for maintaining peace and security, has rejected a resolution proposed by Russia. The resolution aimed to condemn violence and terrorism against civilians but notably did not mention Hamas, the group responsible for a recent attack that resulted in the death of 1,300 Israelis – the deadliest attack on the Jewish population since the Holocaust.

Lack of Support for the Russian Resolution

Out of the countries present, only four joined Russia in voting for the resolution, while four voted against it, including the United States. Six countries chose to abstain from voting, highlighting the divide within the council regarding this issue.

Urgent Appeal for Action

Vassily Nebenzia, Russia's U.N. ambassador, had called for support of the resolution due to the "unprecedented exacerbation" of the situation. He expressed concern over the council's lack of response following the Hamas attack on October 7th. Hamas currently controls the Gaza Strip.

Potential Rival Resolution

There is uncertainty whether a rival resolution proposed by Brazil condemning the Hamas attack will be voted on by the council.

Silence on the Hamas Assault and Israeli Response

The council has yet to take an official stance on both the Hamas assault and Israel's response, which involved airstrikes resulting in the deaths of 2,750 Palestinians. Furthermore, Gazans in the north have been advised to relocate south in anticipation of an expected ground war.

Omitted Mentions of Hamas in the Russian Resolution

The Russian draft resolution did not explicitly mention Hamas but rather called for an "immediate, durable and fully respected humanitarian cease-fire." Additionally, it "strongly condemns all violence and hostilities directed against civilians and all acts of terrorism."

A Call for Humanitarian Action

The Brazilian draft resolution:

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has sparked widespread concern and calls for immediate humanitarian action. The Brazilian draft resolution aims to address this crisis by proposing "humanitarian pauses" and condemning all acts of violence against civilians, as well as acts of terrorism.

Russia's proposed amendments:

While expecting the defeat of their resolution, Russia has also put forth two amendments to the Brazilian draft resolution. These amendments are intended to be voted on separately, with one calling for an "immediate, durable and fully respected humanitarian ceasefire." The second proposed amendment goes on to condemn indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian objects in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the violation of international law and the devastating impact on the civilian population.

A Revolving Debate:

The UN Security Council recently convened behind closed doors for the second time in five days, in an attempt to establish a united approach towards the Israel-Hamas war. However, consensus continues to elude the members, leading to Russia presenting its own draft resolution. In response, Brazil, as the current council president, has circulated its rival draft resolution over the weekend.

The objective remains clear - to create a resolution that addresses the urgent need for humanitarian assistance, condemns all acts of violence, and ensures the safety and well-being of innocent civilians caught in the midst of this devastating conflict.

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