ASR Nederland has announced a significant turnaround in its financial performance, reporting a net profit of 1.09 billion euros for the year. This marks a notable improvement from the net loss of EUR1.71 billion in the previous year.

Key Highlights:

  • Operating Result: The company's operating result saw a substantial increase to EUR1.12 billion from EUR805 million.

  • Organic Capital Creation: ASR Nederland witnessed a rise in organic capital creation, reaching EUR938 million compared to EUR653 million in the prior year. This growth was largely attributed to the contributions from Aegon Nederland activities in the second half.

  • Solvency II Ratio: The Solvency II ratio, a key indicator of balance-sheet strength, stood at 176%, showcasing stability despite fluctuations. This included the impact of the acquisition of Aegon Nederland, with organic capital creation contributing 14 percentage points.

  • Dividend Proposal: ASR proposed a dividend of EUR2.89 per share, reflecting a positive outlook on future cash dividends and further fortification of the balance sheet.

The company remains optimistic about its capital generation capabilities, emphasizing its commitment to sustaining robust financial performance.

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