Growth Projection: Standard Bank Group has announced that it foresees a rise in earnings per share for the past year.

Financial Forecast: The South African bank predicts that its headline earnings per share for the year concluded on Dec. 31 is estimated to fall between 2,522.0 and 2,624.5 South African cents ($1.32-$1.37), showcasing a potential increase of 23% to 28% compared to the previous year's reported figure of 2,050.4 cents.

Positive Outlook: The expected EPS range for the current year is projected to be between 2,592.6 and 2,696.3 cents, demonstrating a substantial growth of 25% to 30% from the 2,074.1 cents of the preceding year.

Financial Adjustments: Impacted by an alteration in the methodology for the recognition of interest on stage 3 loans, the company anticipates a higher net interest margin and credit loss ratio than previously expected. Notably, this modification is not anticipated to affect headline earnings per share, earnings per share, gross loans and advances, balance sheet provisions, or coverage.

Upcoming Announcement: The bank is set to unveil its annual results on March 14.

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