Anglo American Platinum Announces Potential Job Cuts Due to Market Challenges

Anglo American Platinum is facing tough decisions as it anticipates the impact of lower prices, rising costs, and an unclear future. The South African precious metals giant, primarily owned by Anglo American, revealed that revenue for the year amounted to 124.6 billion South African rand ($6.60 billion), down from ZAR164.1 billion the previous year.

Financial Downturn and Dividend Reduction

Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization also took a hit, dropping to ZAR24.4 billion. The company cited a decrease in the dollar basket price per platinum group metals (PGM) ounce sold to $1,657, a significant decline from $2,551 due to palladium and rhodium metal prices fall. In light of these financial challenges, Anglo American Platinum declared a dividend of ZAR21.30 per share for 2023, down from ZAR115 in the prior year.

Restructuring and Potential Job Losses

Chief Executive Craig Miller emphasized the necessity for further intervention to secure the long-term sustainability and competitive edge of their operations. The proposed restructuring plan could impact approximately 3,700 jobs in its South African operations and around 620 service providers or contractors, with the final number pending the conclusion of the consultation process. As of 2022, Anglo American Platinum employed over 21,000 individuals.

Strategic Shifts Amid Market Volatility

In response to ongoing market uncertainties, the company revealed plans to reduce production in 2024 as part of a broader strategy to save $1 billion. Despite these challenges, Miller expressed optimism regarding the future demand for their PGMs and their essential role in fostering a more sustainable world.


Amid challenging market conditions and financial constraints, Anglo American Platinum's proactive measures aim to navigate a volatile landscape while prioritizing long-term growth and sustainability initiatives.

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