The co-founders of Myspace, pioneers in the realm of social media, have now set their sights on a groundbreaking venture: an AI product that transforms text into captivating three- to four-second video clips.

Plai Labs CEO Chris DeWolfe describes it as a revolutionary concept, stating: "This is the first and only product that lets you create cinematic quality clips with your likeness. Plai Labs is an extension of our commitment to innovating the way we communicate through social media and mobile gaming, building on the legacy of Myspace and Jam City."

At its core, Plai Labs sets out to democratize storytelling. What makes their text-to-video approach unique is that users can simply upload a selfie, enter a few words, and voila! They can generate a personalized short-form video seamlessly integrated into the narrative. For example, one option called "1970s male disco dancer" transforms a user's photo into a lively animated video.

Powering PlaiDay—their ground-breaking product—is Orchestra, a proprietary AI platform designed to enable designers and product managers to create intricate AI capabilities without requiring expensive engineering teams. Plai Labs plans to make this platform available to developers and businesses in the coming months, further expanding the horizons of creative possibilities.

Thanks to a $32 million investment from a16z, Coinbase, Crush Ventures, and UTA, Plai Labs—led by CEO Chris DeWolfe, CTO Aber Whitcomb, and executive Jim Benedetto— is now equipped to forge ahead. Building on their experiences at Myspace, the trio has set their sights on enhancing the PlaiDay experience. According to Whitcomb, their plan includes increasing video length and integrating sound to fully unlock the creative potential of AI for marketing campaigns and rapid data analytics.

Based in Culver City, this 40-person startup joins the ranks of other pioneers in the field of generative AI video tools, such as Google's Imagen, Meta Platforms Inc.'s Make-A-Video, and OpenAI's DALL-E 2. With their innovative approach and ambitious vision, Plai Labs is poised to redefine how stories are told in the digital age.

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