Shares of banks and other financial institutions experienced a decline as traders took precautions ahead of the upcoming statement from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday.

According to Quincy Krosby, chief global strategist at brokerage LPL Financial, there is a prevailing belief that the Fed will institute a pause in its actions. Krosby also noted that the Fed has not given any indications to suggest otherwise, thereby reinforcing the market's expectation of a pause. However, the key question for the market is how the Fed plans to package its message. Will it adopt a dovish pause or a hawkish pause? This decision will inevitably reflect the internal dynamic between the hawks and doves within the Fed itself.

Krosby also drew attention to the recent decrease in the value of the euro following the European Central Bank's rate increase. This decline signifies that the market interpreted the move as a "dovish hike." Therefore, the manner in which the Fed delivers the pause and how Fed Chair Jerome Powell discusses their vision during the press conference will significantly impact market sentiment going forward.

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