ServiceNow, the workflow-management software company, has reported impressive fourth-quarter financial results that surpassed market expectations. The company attributes its success, in part, to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) software into its core offerings.

According to ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott, the implementation of generative AI has injected new momentum into their already high-performing engine. This breakthrough moment is undoubtedly a significant milestone for the company.

In the December quarter, ServiceNow exceeded its own guidance along with Street estimates across all metrics. The subscription revenue soared to $2.365 billion, a substantial 27% increase, outperforming the forecasted $2.32 billion. Additionally, the total revenue reached $2.437 billion, surpassing market consensus at $2.402 billion, marking a 26% growth.

On a fully diluted basis, ServiceNow achieved an adjusted profit of $3.11 per share, surpassing the Street consensus of $2.78 per share as reported by FactSet. The company also achieved a non-GAAP operating margin of 29%, surpassing their own projection of 27.5%. Notably, current remaining performance obligations saw a remarkable increase of 24%, amounting to $8.6 billion—three percentage points higher than anticipated.

Looking ahead to the first quarter, ServiceNow projects a subscription revenue ranging from $2.510 billion to $2.515 billion—an impressive growth rate between 24% and 24.5%. This projection outperforms market expectations at $2.461 billion. Furthermore, the company expects a 20% increase in current remaining performance obligations and a non-GAAP operating margin of 29%.

ServiceNow's exceptional financial performance and successful implementation of AI software showcase their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With these impressive results, ServiceNow is well-positioned for continued growth in the dynamic market of workflow-management software.

ServiceNow Expects Strong Subscription Revenues in 2024

ServiceNow, a leading software company, has projected its subscription revenues for 2024 to be between $10.555 billion and $10.575 billion, representing a growth rate of 21.5% to 22%. These figures exceed the Street consensus estimated at $10.474 billion. Additionally, the company anticipates a non-GAAP operating margin of 29%, surpassing the consensus of 25.6%. Moreover, ServiceNow expects subscription gross margins to be 84.5%, which is three points higher than the Street consensus. Lastly, the company is estimating a free cash flow margin of 31%, inline with industry estimates.

Impressive Momentum and Impact of AI

According to McDermott, CEO of ServiceNow, the company has had a fantastic quarter and year overall. The introduction of AI features in the software in September has significantly contributed to this success. McDermott emphasizes that the impact has been substantial as they have experienced the largest net new contract contribution from any product they have launched.

ServiceNow's Successful Adoption of AI

ServiceNow has actively adopted 15 separate generative AI use cases within their own operations and software. By leveraging their own software, the company has achieved an outstanding 40% increase in productivity along with a remarkable 52% improvement in the development speed of new applications.

The Bright Future of AI Investments

McDermott emphasizes the significant potential for AI-related investments by technology customers. He mentions that, cumulatively through 2027, these customers are expected to spend a staggering $3 trillion on gen AI products and services. In a survey conducted by EY involving 1,200 CEOs, 100% of them expressed their intention to invest in AI. Furthermore, over 70% of the CEOs indicated that they would either raise more capital or reallocate resources to enhance their AI capabilities.

Unprecedented Productivity and Savings

According to McDermott, the benefits of AI are undeniable. He assures that there is no price sensitivity as the productivity gains achieved through AI are remarkable, and the resulting cost savings will be incredible.

Reflecting on the company's performance, ServiceNow shares have increased by nearly 9% year-to-date and an impressive 73% over the past 12 months.

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