Scandinavian governments, including Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, have announced their plans to organize emergency flights for their citizens currently in Israel. This initiative comes as the security situation in the region continues to deteriorate, making it increasingly difficult for people to leave using commercial flights.

Escalating Conflict

Israel's recent airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, triggered by a deadly attack from Hamas, have resulted in widespread violence and casualties. Furthermore, outbreaks of fighting along Israel's northern border have raised concerns about the conflict spreading throughout the region.

To address the urgent need for evacuation, the ministries of foreign affairs in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have taken the responsibility of assisting their citizens in leaving the country.

Evacuation Details

The evacuation flights will be departing from Tel Aviv. In order to board these flights, Scandinavian citizens must register themselves. However, passengers will be required to cover their own travel expenses.

Norway's foreign minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, announced the collaboration with Norwegian Air Shuttle to set up a special flight for Norwegians stranded in Israel. Despite Norwegian Air Shuttle canceling all flights to Israel until December, they are making an exception for this evacuation operation. A tentative departure is scheduled for this evening, allowing Norwegian and other Nordic citizens to return home.

The Danish ministry has stated that approximately 1,200 Danes are believed to be in Israel, with an additional 90 in Palestine. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating the evacuation process and expects it to commence in the following days. This offer is open to Danish citizens and individuals who hold permanent residence status in Denmark.


The Scandinavian governments' swift response demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the safety of their citizens amidst the escalating conflict in Israel. By organizing these emergency flights and coordinating with airlines, they are providing an opportunity for their citizens to return home.

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