SAP, a leading enterprise software vendor, has announced its plans for a generative AI co-pilot called Joule. Inspired by the likes of Microsoft and Salesforce, SAP aims to embed Joule across its range of business software products.

Joule, similar to other AI co-pilot systems, enables users to communicate with complex software through natural language queries. SAP's cloud software offerings will integrate Joule, providing users with proactive and contextualized insights from both SAP's solution portfolio and third-party sources.

The company emphasized Joule's ability to quickly extract insights by analyzing intricate webs of enterprise data and presenting clear information in a secure and compliant manner. SAP CEO Christian Klein stated that Joule will understand the user's intent, rather than just the words they use.

Joule will be incorporated into several SAP products, including human resources, finance, supply chain, procurement, and customer experience solutions. By posing questions or presenting problems in plain language, employees will receive intelligent answers derived from diverse sources of data, including business information, text, images, and insights.

Furthermore, SAP revealed that Joule is capable of autonomously performing tasks such as writing job descriptions and formulating interview questions for candidates.

The initial release of Joule is scheduled for November, with additional applications to follow. SAP has not provided details regarding its pricing strategy.

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