Consumer Sector Prepares for Key Earnings Report

Consumer companies are seeing a slight rise as they anticipate key earnings reports in the sector. The Federal Trade Commission has taken action to block Kroger's $25 billion bid for rival Albertsons due to concerns over potential impacts on food prices and wages. The fate of one of the largest supermarket deals in history now hangs in uncertainty as the companies' plan to sell stores in key states fails to address the issue, according to the FTC.

New-Home Sales Increase

In January, U.S. new-home sales experienced a 1.5% rise to an annual rate of 661,000, up from a revised 651,000 the prior month based on estimates from the Commerce Department. Meanwhile, shares remained relatively flat as they took the place of Walgreen Boots Alliance in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index.

Online Retail Continues to Grow

J.D. Joyce, president of Houston's Joyce Wealth Management, notes that online retail is steadily gaining market share from physical stores. The upcoming earnings reports from brick-and-mortar retailers will offer insights into the current state of the economy, providing analysts with a clearer picture.

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