Danone, the French yoghurt maker, is scheduled to release its third-quarter sales figures on Thursday. Here's what you should know:

Sales Forecast

According to a company-compiled consensus, Danone is expected to report sales of €6.90 billion ($7.31 billion) for the quarter, compared to €7.33 billion in the same period last year. Analysts anticipate a like-for-like sales growth of 4.7%.

Key Highlights to Watch

Volume and Price Growth

Analysts predict a 0.6% decline in volumes for the quarter, as per the company-compiled consensus estimates. However, Jefferies analysts note that lower volumes are likely to be balanced out by higher prices. They state, "We anticipate another price-led quarter in Q3, as our scanner data continues to indicate negative volume development in Europe."

EDP Volumes

Attention will be on the essential dairy and plant-based (EDP) business during the third-quarter results, with analysts expecting an improvement in volumes while remaining in negative territory.

Specialized Nutrition and Water

Jefferies analysts note that volumes are expected to be slightly negative in the specialized nutrition and water segments, with declines in Europe and the U.S. offsetting China's growth.

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