Damien Marchi has been appointed today as the Executive Vice-President of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Vivendi, the renowned entertainment company based in Paris. In his new role, Marchi will report directly to the Group's General Management.

This appointment reinforces Vivendi's unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. The company has recently earned approval from the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for its efforts in reducing its carbon footprint. Additionally, it underscores the Group's determination to foster diversity, equal opportunities, and inclusion both within the organization and society at large, with a special focus on content production and distribution.

Marchi boasts an impressive background within the Vivendi group. Over the past nine years, he has held various positions, including Senior Vice President of CSR Development at Vivendi. In his new role, he will closely collaborate with the Management Board and CSR Directors across all of the Group's businesses.

Marchi has been an integral part of the Vivendi group since 2014. He initially served as the Global Head of Content at Havas before becoming the Director of Marketing and Communication and a member of the Executive Committee at Gameloft in 2018. In 2020, he joined the Vivendi headquarters and assumed the position of Senior Vice President of CSR Development in 2021. Prior to joining Vivendi, Marchi worked for several audiovisual production companies in France and abroad, where he combined storytelling, digital innovation, and societal impact. His accomplishments include winning an Emmy Award. Furthermore, he has collaborated with various NGOs, nonprofit organizations, and the United Nations in Brussels.

Damien Marchi's appointment as the Executive Vice-President of Vivendi's Corporate Social Responsibility marks an important step towards the company's continued dedication to sustainable practices and social progress.

Vivendi: Building a World-Class Content, Media, and Communications Group

About Vivendi

Founded in 2014, Vivendi is dedicated to creating a world-class content, media, and communications group. With a portfolio of leading assets in various industries, Vivendi has established itself as a powerhouse in television and movies (Canal+ Group), communications (Havas), magazines (Prisma Media), video games (Gameloft), and live entertainment and ticketing (Vivendi Village). In addition, Vivendi owns a global digital content distribution platform known as Dailymotion.

An Exciting Future Ahead

Vivendi's recent agreement with Lagardère, pending approval from the European Commission, will further solidify its position as the world's third-largest consumer and educational publishing group. By combining synergistic strengths and fulfilling commitments, Vivendi is poised for continued success and growth.

A Commitment to Creating Value

At Vivendi, all of its businesses work collaboratively as an integrated industrial group to maximize value for its stakeholders. Recognizing the importance of sustainable practices, Vivendi is dedicated to environmental responsibility and actively works towards mitigating climate change. The company is aligned with the principles outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreements.

A Catalyst for Positive Change

Vivendi believes in the power of creative works to shape societies and inspire positive change. The company supports diverse and inventive creations, promoting broader access to culture and education. By leveraging its businesses, Vivendi aims to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

For more information, please visit www.vivendi.com.

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