President Joe Biden didn't hold back during a recent fundraiser for his reelection campaign in San Francisco.

Calling Out Putin and Trump

In a candid moment, Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "crazy SOB" while addressing the pressing issue of climate change. He emphasized the potential nuclear conflict posed by leaders like Putin, but stressed that the real threat to humanity lies in climate change.

Adding to his remarks, Biden expressed disbelief at former President Donald Trump's comparison of himself to the late Russian opposition leader who recently died in prison. Trump's comments drew criticism from Biden, who found the comparison unwarranted and concerning.

Rebuking Trump's Statements

Biden highlighted Trump's controversial comments regarding the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and juxtaposed it with his own legal troubles in the U.S. Trump's claims of persecution and likening the situation to communism or fascism were met with bewilderment from Biden.

Concerns for Future

Throughout his California fundraising trip, Biden voiced concerns about what a potential second term for Trump could entail. He warned donors about the possibility of far-reaching policies that could impact middle-class Americans, such as nationwide abortion bans and the dismantling of key health insurance programs.

The President expressed his astonishment at the rhetoric coming from his political opponents, particularly the lack of moral direction evident in some circles. Biden's critical stance underscores his commitment to steering the country in a different direction, away from what he perceives as detrimental policies and divisive rhetoric.

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