BATM Advanced Communications, a leading provider of telecommunications technology, has announced an expanded five-year order from NGA 911, a provider of emergency connectivity services. The order is for the deployment of BATM's Edgility platform for edge computing in the United States.

Following the successful initial deployment of Edgility under the original purchase order from NGA on June 5, BATM has now received an undisclosed sum for the expanded order. The company expects to receive future orders as NGA continues to roll out the product in its current deployment areas and expands to additional states across the U.S.

NGA is utilizing the Edgility platform for its call-handling system for 911 Emergency Services, as well as the 988 National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline. This innovative solution enables enhanced responsiveness, faster call-resolution times, and reduces the need for additional hardware while significantly decreasing power consumption.

"We are confident that our partnership with NGA will continue to grow as they implement our solution throughout their extensive network. With the increasing interest in Edgility globally, we are excited about the promising prospects for this groundbreaking platform," said Chief Executive Moti Nagar.

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This content was originally published by Joe Hoppe on The Wall Street Journal.

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