Banco Santander, one of Spain's leading banks, announced its impressive third-quarter results on Wednesday. Here are the key highlights:

Net Profit Surges 20%

Banco Santander achieved a remarkable net profit of €2.90 billion ($3.07 billion), representing a significant 20% increase compared to the same period last year. This surpassed the market expectations of €2.77 billion, as reported by FactSet.

Robust Revenue Growth

The bank's total revenue rose by an impressive 10% to reach €14.86 billion. This excellent performance exceeded the FactSet-provided consensus of €14.58 billion.

Understanding Key Factors

Santander's top-line growth was primarily driven by a substantial 19% increase in net interest income, which measures the difference between the interest earned from loans and the interest paid to depositors. Additionally, a commendable 9% rise in net fee income (excluding currency fluctuations) also contributed to their positive financial results. Citi analysts noted that Santander's net fee income exceeded expectations, with fees aligning closely with forecasts.

Promising Outlook

The bank confidently stated that it remains on track to achieve its ambitious goals for 2023, including double-digit revenue growth and a return on tangible equity (ROTE) of over 15%. Hector Grisi, Chief Executive of Banco Santander, expressed optimism during an earnings call, highlighting that certain business sectors and markets have already benefited from rising interest rates. He expects them to continue thriving in 2024.

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