By Elena Vardon

ASML Holding, a leading Dutch semiconductor-equipment maker, recently announced its projections for the coming year. Despite uncertainties surrounding the demand recovery in the semiconductor industry, the company anticipates that its revenue in 2023 will remain similar to that of 2022. CEO Peter Wennink stated that the semiconductor industry is currently navigating the bottom of the cycle, but ASML's customers are optimistic that they will see signs of improvement by the end of this year. Wennink also mentioned that 2024 is expected to be a transitional year.

In the third quarter of this year, ASML Holding reported better-than-expected net income of €1.89 billion ($2.0 billion), surpassing the previous year's figure of €1.94 billion. According to analysts surveyed by FactSet, the projected net income was €1.82 billion.

ASML Holding also confirmed that it aims for a 30% growth in net sales for 2023 compared to the previous year. In addition, the company expects to make slight improvements in its gross relative margin. In 2022, ASML recorded net sales of €13.6 billion and a gross margin of 49.1%.

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