Apple Inc. (AAPL, +2.11%) shares experienced a healthy rally of 2.11% on Tuesday, reaching a price of $193.42. This performance took place amidst a mixed trading session for the overall stock market. The NASDAQ Composite Index (COMP, +0.31%) saw a modest rise of 0.31%, closing at 14,229.91, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA, -0.22%) suffered a slight decline of 0.22%, settling at 36,124.56.

Apple Inc. concluded the day within close proximity of its 52-week high, missing it by only $4.81. This high point of $198.23 was achieved by the company on July 19th.

When compared to some of its competitors, Apple Inc. outperformed them during this trading session. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT, +0.92%) recorded a gain of 0.92% and closed at $372.52, while Alphabet Inc. Cl C (GOOG, +1.35%) and Alphabet Inc. Cl A (GOOGL, +1.33%) experienced rises of 1.35% and 1.33% respectively, closing at $132.39 and $130.99.

With a trading volume of 65.3 million shares, Apple Inc.'s activity surpassed its 50-day average volume of 53.0 million shares.

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